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Dec 30, 2017: My last full time day of employment in the tech industry.  Having successfully exited from the industry I found myself completely unencumbered with any professional responsibilities. It took me a year to de-compress from the stress of almost two decades of solo entrepreneurship.  As 2018 progressed It became increasingly clear to me that my life was to take a different path, one that was to become increasingly focused on service to others.

Late in 2017 I created a Personal Branding curriculum for at-risk young adults employed at Curt's Cafe.  The goal of my program is to support and inspire these young adults in their pursuit of successful lives in the mainstream job world.  We meet once a week for about 8 weeks in order to complete the curriculum.  The objectives of the curriculum are:

Personal Branding Curriculum Objectives
  1. Build awareness of how everyday behaviors both online and offline shape perceptions.

  2. Through this awareness and the study of successful examples, craft a compelling personal narrative and value statement.

  3. Internalize and communicate your intrinsic value to employers through updated Resume/CVs and online job profiles.​

  4. Embrace the virtues of persistence, focus and clarity in the face of failure when pursuing your goals.

I've had the pleasure of working with over 30 students.  Working with this population to be incredibly rewarding and an invaluable learning experience.  I've also met some incredibly dedicated and inspiring professionals that have taught me a great deal.  

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